Do the innovation

Present and future trends

At Greiner Packaging, we’re shaping the future of the packaging industry – today, tomorrow, and beyond. That’s why we don’t just focus on trends that are relevant now but also carefully analyze the developments that will continue to be relevant for us, our customers, and the industry in the coming years. Thanks to this approach, we’re always able to offer perfect-fit solutions. 

The near future

The immediate future will be shaped by ongoing digitalization and the transformation to a genuine circular economy. Machines will be networked to enhance flexibility, speed, and efficiency, while the human-machine interface will be optimized based on big data analyses. To achieve a functioning circular economy, we’re focusing on developing new, recyclable packaging designs and concepts, boosting the use of recycled materials in our products step by step, and improving the overall environmental impact of our products.  

The medium term

The retail sector as we know it today will be replaced by new retail concepts. The way consumers buy goods will change significantly – which means packaging will, too. Moreover, smart packaging will open up new lines of communication with consumers and permit tracking of the packaging and its contents.

The distant future

New business models will lead to radical changes in the industry. We see this as an opportunity and are analyzing the impacts that trends such as product as a service and the platform economy will have on our business model. In the distant future, our work will involve developments like using 3D printing to produce packaging or food itself. Scientists are also already working on nanofillers that can give packaging special properties. No matter what packaging will look like in the future – we’ll be there to actively shape it.

Open Innovation

We believe that innovation is a collaborative effort. The more people can contribute their expertise, the more successful we will be in driving new solutions forward. For this reason, we involve a large team of employees in our internal innovation processes and are also open to partnerships, collaborations, and exchanges outside the company. After all, the challenges that lie ahead won’t just affect us, but rather the industry as a whole.

Interested in a potential collaboration with us? Let’s do the innovation – together! We look forward to hearing from you.

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