Our process

We’re excited that you want to reshape the future of the plastics industry together with us. We are continually seeking employees who want to boldly drive sustainable solutions forward as part of our team. To ensure that you have as much information as possible on the application process at Greiner Packaging ahead of time, we have put together the most important details on this process together for you below.

Before the interviews...

We look forward to receiving your application via our online portal. You can always find an up-to-date list of all the open positions at each of our locations on the portal – or you can of course submit an unsolicited application anytime as well. Even though it might take some time to hear back from us, we respond to every application.

The interviews

After the relevant recruiter has received your application, we take the necessary time to compare each candidate’s qualifications and experience with our requirements. We then invite you to an interview in which you demonstrate to us that you’ve got what it takes and can show us that you look behind the packaging. We also look forward to giving you a better insight into our company and the advertised position at this point.
Two rounds of interviews are typically carried out at Greiner Packaging before we offer you a position. The manager of the department and your potential future colleagues look forward to getting to know you in person. We would like to gain a solid impression of your skills, competencies, and experiences during the interviews. And we also look forward to answering your questions, of course!

After the interviews...

We evaluate each individual interview in detail to ensure that we make the best decision, both for ourselves and for our candidates. For this reason, we set a time frame at the end of each meeting, and you can expect to receive feedback from us regarding our interview together within this period. The relevant recruiter will get in touch with you again during this time and provide you with feedback on the application process.

Your application

To help you put together your application,
this page provides you with an overview of
what’s especially important to us here at Greiner Packaging.