Your application

Are you ready to look behind the packaging? We work as a team to identify trends and use this information to reshape people’s everyday lives. We’re excited that you would like to be part of this team and are taking the time to submit an application. To help you put together your application, this page provides you with an overview of what’s especially important to us here at Greiner Packaging.
The best way to submit an application is online. This ensures that we will be able to process your documents and get back to you promptly. We ask that you provide us with just a few pieces of required information here. You can apply in response to specific job advertisements or submit an unsolicited application and upload your own documents.

Please write an authentic, credible cover letter of one page at most that tells us why you are just the right person for the advertised position. Show us that you are ready to look behind the packaging.

Your résumé should briefly and concisely list the most important aspects of your professional background so far:

  • Your name and personal details
  • Your professional background including a brief description of your activities
  • Your current job
  • Your training
  • Other characteristics that might be special and are not related to the advertised position (for example, volunteer activities, etc.)
Please include employer references as well as the certificate from your highest level of training/education. You may also include letters of reference from previous employers if available.
We would appreciate it if you could upload a photograph of yourself, but we do not require this.

Our process

To ensure that you have as much information as possible
on the application process at Greiner Packaging ahead of time,
we have put together the most important details on this process.