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Packworld is the Conference and Innovation Center of Greiner Packaging. It is located in the heart of Europe and lives up to its name. Anyone entering Packworld is entering a different world: the world of Greiner Packaging!

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Our world is built on plastic! Plastic products naturally, and often unconsciously, pass through our hands countless times a day. The plastic world of Greiner Packaging is brought to life at Packworld. 

Visitors can admire the variety of Greiner Packaging's products in its very own exhibition space.  Quite often, guests at Packworld are astonished to discover how many Greiner Packaging products they are confronted with daily - from yogurt tubs to shower gel containers to toner cartridges.

Enjoy outstanding customer service


Packworld has it all when it comes to culinary wishes! 

Whether international, traditional Austrian, or regional Lower Austrian cuisine, the menu at Packworld never ceases to delight its visitors. In order to provide seminar participants the perfect range of delicacies for workshops rich in ideas as well as for intensive conferences, Packworld works with exclusive catering companies. Top priority is placed on the highest quality and use of regional products! 

Comprehensive and care-free

Guests of Packworld are completely free to indulge their creativity -- the Packworld team takes care of the rest. Packworld works with a series of first-class hotels as well as various taxi companies and is happy to arrange accommodation and transportation for guests. 

And there's even more to enjoy during your stay at Packworld. From morning coffee to snacks during break, lunch to dinner, Packworld guests can enjoy being pampered from start to finish.  

In the heart of Europe


Packworld is located in the heart of Europe and is accessible by air, rail, and by car.

By air: Packworld is easy to reach from any international hub through Vienna International Airport, after which it is only a 30-minute car ride to the site.  We will be happy to arrange your transfer from the airport to Packworld and back!

By rail: The nearest international train station to Packworld is in Vienna.  We will be happy to arrange your transfer from the train station to Packworld and back!

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