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When it comes to packaging, our experts are right here in-house. The DesPro (Design & Prototyping) team functions as our in-house design agency and offers inspiring packaging ideas that are both creative and functional.

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Innovation with system

Greiner Packaging’s motto is: do the innovation! This motto commits us to ensuring that we are giving our customers a unique packaging advantage with our plastic packaging products at the POS! 

We define innovation as “a solution for a specific market that gives the user (customer, consumer) a relevant advantage and generates financial benefits for the company (Greiner Packaging) that offers it."

Whether it involves the exterior appearance, technological properties, or chemical material combinations, i.e., the inner packaging values, Greiner Packaging is constantly on the hunt for new innovations. These efforts are focused on 5 core sectors of plastic packaging:

Highlighting the innovations

POS makes the difference

Roughly 70% of purchasing decisions are made at the Point of Sale. The goal must therefore be to stand out from the crowd. Packaging from Greiner Packaging does just that! The K3® (cardboard-plastic-combination) cup from Greiner Packaging is a particularly good example of attractive plastic packaging products. The cardboard wrap around a plastic cup does not just make it attractive on the outside - it can also be printed on the inside and used for advertising messages. 

Our latest K3® technology innovation is K3®-D. This technique involves deforming the cardboard wrap 3-dimensionally. This now makes it possible to decorate cup shapes that could previously be decorated only using sleeves.

K3 cup
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Our society has become more mobile than ever and is increasingly defined by a shortage of time. This makes food solutions that can be prepared fast as well as consumed while on-the-go a very popular choice. But innovative product combinations and packaging solutions that simplify everyday product handling are also in demand. Greiner Packaging finds the “most convenient” solution for customers and consumers. The patented Greiner Packaging sliding spoon is a good example of innovative plastic products. Supplied with ice cream, yogurt, or cereals, it facilitates maximum enjoyment immediately after purchase!

sliding spoon
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Product protection

Consumers are growing ever more conscious of what they eat. At the same time, regulations are becoming more stringent when it comes to food protection. The task of a packaging manufacturer, therefore, is to provide optimal protection for products, particularly foods. Through innovative solutions such as barrier technology for rigid packaging, Greiner Packaging ensures plastic packaging products that are free of preservatives and have a particularly long shelf life - and does it without sacrificing flavor!

ibt technologie


"Sustainability” has become one of the buzzwords of our time. But the actions behind this word should not be just for show! Greiner Packaging has solidly embraced sustainability as part of its “blue packaging” strategy. Using innovative approaches, we emphasize sustainable features both when it comes to raw materials and other items as well as in logistics and infrastructure. Of course, sustainability is also a top priority in the design of our plastic packaging products.

Symbolimage sustainability

Cost innovation

Achieving the most reasonably priced production possible is of interest not only to Greiner Packaging but also to our customers. We are constantly investing in research, such as ways to reduce the weight of our cups, or in replacing traditional petrochemical materials with alternative, lower-priced fillers. Moreover, we are keeping an eye on the various life cycles of our packaging over the entire process of product development. For us, it is important not just for our packaging to have an elegant appearance but for the filling and logistics process to be innovative and cost-effective.