Greiner Packaging as an employer

Greiner Packaging is a family business. And our family is still growing – with new sites and new employees. Our corporate culture is based on friendly interactions among employees at the local and international level – we work on a first name basis at every level!

We are able to draw on years of experience as well as a stable network within the Greiner Group. Large international customers value our know-how and our reliability. None of this would be possible if we could not rely on our employees 100%. We understand that our employees are the key to our success! Those who work at our company are interested in becoming a part of the success story of Greiner Packaging and in writing their own chapters in that story! We work hard and pursue ambitious objectives. Our passion for our work is what motivates us. Our employees have been sharing this passion and enthusiasm with us for decades. If you are a team player and want to add your strengths to the work of our company, and if you are interested in a long-term professional partnership, then you have come to the right place! 

Long-term success is a joint effort

All jobs

Title Location
Global IT Director (m/w) Kremsmünster | Austria
Technický manažer Brezova | Czech Republic
Projektový manažer Brezova | Czech Republic
Operátor výroby Brezova | Czech Republic
Seřizovač Brezova | Czech Republic
Přípravář výroby Brezova | Czech Republic
Manipulant Brezova | Czech Republic
Průmyslový inženýr/Průmyslová inženýrka Brezova | Czech Republic
Technický projektový manažer Brezova | Czech Republic
Dělník – obsluha technologie Litvinov | Czech Republic
Mechanik – seřizovač Litvinov | Czech Republic
Lehrstelle Produktionsmechaniker/in EFZ Diepoldsau | Switzerland
Lehrstelle Polymechaniker/in EFZ, Fachrichtung Instandhaltung Diepoldsau | Switzerland
Lehrstelle Kunststoffverarbeiter/in EBA Diepoldsau | Switzerland
Lehrstelle als Kunststofftechnologe / -technologin EFZ Diepoldsau | Switzerland
Lehrstelle Logistiker/in EFZ, Fachrichtung Lager Diepoldsau | Switzerland
Werkzeug-Instandhalter Spritzgiessen (m/w) Diepoldsau | Switzerland
Lehrstelle Kunststofftechnologe/technologin EFZ Diepoldsau | Switzerland
Lehrstelle Automatiker/in EFZ Diepoldsau | Switzerland
Lehrstelle Automatiker/in EFZ Diepoldsau | Switzerland
Lehrstelle Kauffrau / Kaufmann EFZ Diepoldsau | Switzerland
Lehrstelle Informatiker/in EFZ, Systemtechnik Diepoldsau | Switzerland
SAP Inhouse Consultant FI/CO (m/w) Kremsmünster | Austria
Betriebselektriker (m/w) Kremsmünster | Austria
Werkzeuginstandhalter (m/w) Kremsmünster | Austria
Project Manager Circular Economy (m/w) Sattledt | Austria
HR Project Manager / HR IT-Systems (m/w) Sattledt | Austria
International Quality Process Manager m/w Sattledt | Austria
Controller (m/w), ab 30h/Woche Sattledt | Austria
International Project Manager Sales (m/w) Sattledt | Austria
Corporate Controller (m/w) Sattledt | Austria