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About 70% of the earth’s surface is covered with water, which is why the earth is also called “the blue planet.” Greiner Packaging is committed to protecting this planet and its inhabitants. That is why sustainability is very important to us and does not just start with the final product. Rather, it is much more important to us to see the big picture.  

“Blue packaging” or sustainable packaging is our promise to act in an ecological, economical, and socially responsible manner toward the environment, society, and toward our customers. That is because, as we see it, sustainable development is possible only by implementing all three aspects simultaneously.

blue packaging
Working for a healthy environment


Our environment is our past and our present, and we must all ensure that it still has a future in store for us! Greiner Packaging gladly accepts this responsibility!

As an industrial enterprise, it is very important for us to emphasize visible and sustainable aspects. We do not just respond to environmental changes - we make it our goal to act proactively. This effort is focused on three core sectors: 

Investing in infrastructure


Handle raw materials
and resources responsibly

Raw materials

Greiner Packaging is working hard on raw material alternatives, such as D-PET. As a large firm, we also want to provide direction and support the use of alternative raw materials as soon as these are ready for the market - the key word is PLA.  

The health of consumers is particularly important to us in the use of our materials. Two years before the EU banned the use of polycarbonate (PC) in baby bottles in 2011, Greiner Packaging was already manufacturing these sensitive products BPA-free. All products for the food industry have been BPA-free at Greiner Packaging since 2014.

Visionary plastic products


Working for a healthy company


Greiner Packaging can look back on a long company history characterized by steady growth. For us, sustainable company management means long-term entrepreneurial thinking! This gives us a sense of responsibility toward our customers, our employees, and our natural environment. We offer our customers supply security, and our employees secure jobs and fair working conditions! As for sustainability, we place special importance on the relationship between ecological action and economical use. Contrary to the traditional point of view, corporate environmental protection measures at Greiner Packaging are seen as potential areas for economic sustainability. This approach provides a win-win situation that results in reduced ecological burdens and greater economic benefits.

Working for a strong society

Social affairs

As a native Austrian and sustainable company, Greiner Packaging sets a high bar for working conditions and safety standards not only at home, but at all of its international sites as well.

At the same time, Greiner Packaging is aware of the great significance of regionality! Each site must be seen as being part of a region. We place great value on this by creating secure jobs that will contribute to the economic and social welfare of the regions where the sites are located.