In-mold labeling

In-mold labeling, or IML for short, is a popular decoration technology for plastic packaging. It allows the package shaping and decoration processes to be completed in a single step. Combined with the barrier, labels support the protective properties of the cup. The barrier label is composed of the three layers PP/EVOH/PP and can be adjusted individually, based on the individual requirements of the customer.

Barrier brouchure

Would you like to get more information about our barrier packagings? Here you can find our barrier folder. 

How does it work?

The label is placed in the injection molding tool in which the product is shaped, therefore bonding it permanently to the finished product. The texture of the label surfaces may be matte, rough, shiny, or soft to the touch – offering diverse possibilities while always achieving high-resolution photo quality results.

Your benefits:

Longer shelf life

  • High oxygen and light barrier possible through the use of barrier labels
  • Different barrier properties available


  • Transparent applications possible

Higher temperature resistance

  • Sterilization, pasteurization, and hot filling up to 130°C are possible

Excellent recyclability


Efficiency and flexibility

  • Tailored barrier solutions for vast range of applications
  • Barrier and decoration in one production process
  • Cost-efficient solution due to existing molds
  • Fast realization and short development time
  • Sterilization, pasteurization, and hot filling are possible
  • Very thin wall thickness
  • Overlapping label solution