Plastic bottles with a barrier boost

22/09/2021 | 2 min read
Aurel Plesca

The Kavoblow bottle is lightweight, shatterproof, transparent, and provides its contents with optimal protection with a high oxygen barrier to prevent foreign matter from getting in. This unique plastic bottle, featuring multibarrier technology (MBT), has been developed for Romanian food company Contec Foods by Greiner Packaging.

Whether used in grilling or cooking, or just to add a finishing touch, sauces pep up every dish – and, thanks to their rich variety, they can cater to the tastes of people of all ages. The range offered by Romanian-based Contec Foods includes unusual flavors like Samurai and Teriyaki, so the packaging for its sauces also needed to be a little special. The company found just what it was looking for from long-standing partner Greiner Packaging. From now on, the sauces will be marketed in transparent plastic bottles manufactured using the Kavoblow process, which evolved from the single-stage injection stretch blow molding process. It allows more pieces to be produced in less time, while delivering top quality without impact marks and with great flexibility in terms of shape. When combined with MBT, the packaging has a higher oxygen barrier, giving the sauces an extra-long shelf life – with no added preservatives.

Innovative technology

The customer was won over by the innovative production technology. The barrier layer is applied directly during the injection stretch blow molding process, which guarantees efficient production. The Kavoblow technology delivers a continuous EVOH layer from the injection point in the bottom all the way up to the thread. As well as offering a high oxygen barrier, the bottle is also transparent and heat resistant. This is particularly important for products such as sauces that are hot filled and for which customers demand high levels of transparency.

Great visual properties combined with best product protection

Glass and metal packaging traditionally offers 100 percent barrier protection against oxygen, but more and more food producers – Contec Foods among them – are increasingly turning to plastic solutions instead. As a light and shatterproof material, plastic has many advantages. Its light weight reduces carbon emissions from shipping and, because it is a monomaterial solution (less than 5 percent EVOH is used), it is very easy to recycle and offers an almost infinite array of design options. This, in turn, supports optimal differentiation at the POS, as does the packaging’s high degree of transparency – consumers can take a first look at the sauce in store to whet their appetite.

Packaging facts:


MBT Kavoblow (injection stretch blow molding)






250 ml


Garlic, Sweet Chili, Samurai, BBQ, and Teriyaki

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