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Why Greiner Packaging

Those who work at Greiner Packaging prove they’ve got what it takes. We work as a team to identify trends and use this information to reshape people’s everyday lives. As a leading manufacturer of plastic packaging, we are continually seeking employees who want to work together with us to shape the future of the plastics industry and boldly drive sustainable solutions forward. In doing so, we attach high importance to a good sense of humor in our working environment, communication as equals, and long-term employment.


Are you interested in innovative plastics solutions and looking to establish a secure foundation for your professional future? Greiner Packaging offers apprentices a high-quality training program, varied tasks, and great career prospects. We give young people the opportunity to use their skills and lay the foundation for their further professional development – both in the office environment as well as in the area of plastics processing. Our own training center, Greiner Next Generation, is located at our Kremsmünster site and provides training for apprentices across all our divisions.

High school students

Do you want to get a feeling for what it’s like to be part of the business world? A vacation internship is the perfect way to do just that. The more practical experiences you gain while you’re still in school, the more you’ll learn about your interests and strengths. This, in turn, makes it easier to decide on a career later on. Vacation interns work at Greiner Packaging in the summer vacation months.

University students

Do you want to reshape people’s everyday lives and the future of the plastics industry? Greiner Packaging gives you the chance to take responsibility for your own tasks with prospects in an international environment. If you’re already nearing the end of your studies, we also give you the opportunity to write your thesis at our company. 

Young professionals

Do you want to make a new start in an exciting, future-oriented industry with solid prospects while boldly driving sustainable solutions forward in the plastics industry? Greiner Packaging is always looking for graduates who are eager to contribute their ideas and strengths to our company. If you don’t want to commit to a specific area yet, you have the opportunity to join us as a trainee: Our cross-divisional trainee program lasts a year and a half. During this time, you will become familiar with the various areas of the company and complete a wide range of further training activities. A placement at an international location lasting several months is a further component of the program. After a year and a half, you are then ideally prepared to take on tasks that call for responsibility at Greiner.

Experienced professionals

Do you want to take on new tasks, grow professionally, and fulfill your potential in an environment that emphasizes humor and communication? Greiner Packaging offers exciting prospects for highly qualified and experienced employees.

Unsolicited applications

Even if we don’t have the right job for you in our vacancies right now, you can show that you've got what it takes by sending us your detailed unsolicited application. Together, we can reshape the future of the plastics industry. As an internationally active company that is continually growing, Greiner Packaging has new professional opportunities on an ongoing basis. Tell us why you’d like to take a look behind the packaging – and which of our locations you’d like to work at.

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What we offer you

As a leading manufacturer of plastic packaging, we are continually seeking employees who want to work together with us to shape the future of the plastics industry and boldly drive sustainable solutions forward. We therefore offer our employees an exciting range of tasks with comprehensive training and further education opportunities. In this way – and thanks to various location-specific benefits – we aim to develop a team that is both qualified and motivated.

How to make your application succesful

We want to receive an informative application from you that briefly and concisely covers the most important details relating to you and your professional background. We are also interested in learning why you’d like to work at Greiner Packaging. Because your application documents and getting to know you as a person are the most important criteria for taking on a new job – in addition to your qualifications – we’d like to share the aspects that are particularly important to us below. Show us that you’re ready to look behind the packaging!