Zpět | 26.08.2019

Women’s Equality Day: Greiner takes targeted measures to promote equal opportunities

26 August is Women’s Equality Day. Greiner is fully aware of its responsibilities and has developed guiding principles, targets and measures aimed at enabling women to play a bigger role at the company. 

In spite of the formal adoption of gender equality principles in society as a whole, women are still underrepresented in many male-dominated industries and earn significantly less than men in identical positions. In its role as a global company, Greiner is committed to providing long-term support to women in all of its divisions and at all of its sites, and to increasing the proportion of women and their influence.

Greiner: a sustainable employer with a key role in society

10,000 employees worldwide give their all to ensure Greiner’s continued success. 40% of them are women. The company is targeting a proportion of female employees outside production in excess of 50% by 2025. At the same time, Greiner is committed to raising the share of women in managerial posts to 35%. But the group believes that sustainability is about more than conserving resources; it also involves being a good corporate citizen. In order to spark genuine improvements in society, all companies must pull together in this regard and take targeted action to support women.

Diversity promotes innovation and sustained success

In order to make the company more attractive for female employees and generally more diverse, Greiner has developed a diversity-related philosophy that reflects the company’s values and attitude and is designed to create a shared, uniform perception. Greiner is explicitly committed to treating distinctiveness as an asset, promoting gender equality, and safeguarding transparency and equal opportunities, with diverse teams as a recipe for success.

As a multinational business, Greiner lives up to its responsibilities: diversity is part of the company’s DNA, and discrimination is not tolerated in any form. The company has set up a whistle-blowing platform that enables employees to anonymously report cases of discrimination of any kind.

To find out more, visit sustainability.greiner.com