Zpět | 16.11.2018

PACKSTAR 2018: Greiner Packaging wins Czech-Slovak packaging prize

130 packaging ideas competed for coveted prizes in seven different categories: Greiner Packaging’s K3®-H cup “Krajanka ZOO” received the award because of its attractiveness for children who wish for a playful packaging full of surprises. PACKSTAR is the only packaging competition on the Czech and Slovak market where the different packaging solutions are evaluated directly by their users.

The award is wide-ranging, packaging solutions could be submitted in seven different categories. An expert jury assessed the submitted ideas, considering innovation aspects, product protection, requirements of packaging users, ecology, legislation, and, last but not least, marketing, logistics and economy aspects. In a second round, the pre-selected packaging solutions were assessed by their users: The transport and industrial packaging solutions were reviewed by representatives of transport and logistics companies, the wraparound packaging solutions by merchandisers or store managers and consumer packaging solutions were assessed by retail representatives as well as by end consumers. Based on this assessment, the winners of each category were announced – Greiner Packaging being one of them.

Greiner Packaging convinces the jury with its K3®-H cup “Krajanka ZOO”

The K3®-H cup is especially attractive for children who wish for a playful packaging full of surprises. Alimpex FOOD therefore asked Greiner Packaging Slušovice to modify the classical version of the K3®-H cup – the packaging should be able to deliver various types of mini-gifts: coloring pictures, unique codes and 2D labels or tattoos. The modified cardboard wrap of the cup makes the application of all these bonuses possible, thanks to a unique K3® zipper in combination with a special circumferential perforation. At the POS, where 80% of purchase decisions are made, the „Krajanka ZOO“ crème dessert quickly became popular with the target group – not only for its nutritious formula without added sugar, but also for its unique support of zoo animals. Information about the supported zoo projects is transported via the cardboard wrap of the cup, the bottom printing offers more space for design and allows to meet increasing legislative requirements concerning precise product labeling. The K3®-H solution enables the creation of an impressive design and communicates the unique product characteristics by means of attractive graphics – which will be appreciated not only by children but also by their parents. Moreover, by placing the barcode on the cup bottom, barcode scanning at the POS is made easier.  The material of the cup – polypropylene (PP) in combination with cardboard (PAP) – allows both cold and hot filling. With its low plastic content and the use of cardboard, the cup also takes current sustainability requirements into account.