Zpět | 21.11.2018

Greiner Packaging Attends Austrian Packaging Day

“Österreichischer Verpackungstag” (Austrian Packaging Day) was held in the assembly hall of the Austrian Academy of Sciences in Vienna on November 20. We attended the event again this year and presented our most sustainable and innovative packaging solutions.

The theme of this year’s Packaging Day was “Circular economy and digitalization – upheaval in the consumer sector?” in keeping with the most hotly debated issues in the packaging industry today. To keep pace with current trends, successful companies need to take an innovative, sustainable, and smart approach to their business.

We at Greiner Packaging have long been convinced that this is the key to the future. However, sincere, genuine commitment is essential. This is why sustainability is an intrinsic component of our corporate strategy and represents much more than just a superficial effort to enhance our image.

Our CEO Manfred Stanek emphasized this once again at Packaging Day. During the panel discussion titled “Austria in focus – the challenge of the circular economy and digitalization”, he emphasized, “that it is our aspiration to give answers to societal issues that come along with plastics. We know that due to the growth of middle class, the demand for plastic products in the future will increase. However, there is the problem that too much plastic ends up in the nature. There is no one better than the plastics industry itself to find answers. We adopt a positive stance towards this as we have the competence in materials to create solutions.”

The “Staatspreis Smart Packaging” (National Award for Smart Packaging) was also presented at Packaging Day. This prize is awarded every two years by Austria’s Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs and the Federal Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism.

Greiner Packaging was honored to receive the Special Award for Innovation for its “Frische-Clip” (fresh clip) during the ceremony.

Please see here for all the details on the National Award and our winning product