Zpět | 05.06.2019

Creating a healthy spa experience at home

Merz Consumer Care GmbH / Sea salts

Whether you have a back problem, a cold, or simply want to relax – a warm bath will help relieve discomfort or simply improve your well-being. German company Merz Consumer Care GmbH’s tetesept brand offers bath additives to make you feel great and alleviate health complaints. When it comes to the packaging for its popular tetesept sea salts, Merz knows it’s in good hands with Greiner Packaging. In 2018, the product’s plastic container received a complete makeover. The new design is the creation of the company’s internal design & prototyping department DesPro. The container now has a more sophisticated and attractive appearance. In addition, with the lid and container coming from a single source, they can now be matched to each other with precision, making the packaging easier to open. “We were really impressed by the rapid implementation and great expertise of our contacts at Greiner Packaging in this project,” comments Julia Braun, Senior Brand Manager at Merz Consumer Care. “We love the look, and it meets out requirements exactly.” The bath salts are available in different variants in German drugstores and supermarkets as well as online.


Packaging facts

  • Capacity: 600 g
  • Material:
       Container: PET
       Lid: PP
  • Technology:
       Container: Injection stretch blow molding
       Lid: Injection molding
       Closure: Screw-on measuring cap
  • Varieties:
       Cold relief,
       back & shoulder,
       joint & muscle,
       deep relaxation