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K3® functionalities & possibilities

Window cut-outs

Give your customers a peek at what's inside

Metallic look & embossing

Add a premium look and feel to your products

Promo campaigns

Maximize marketing opportunties for your packaging

About K3®

It’s not just a plastic cup, it is more than 30 years of innovation. 
High-quality packaging, communication and environmental protection join forces in K3®technology from Greiner Packaging. This industry-premier cardboard-plastic combination packaging for cups and non-round cups blends the opportunity for stellar design and effective marketing messages, delivering immediate impact right off the shelf. 

Since its 1981 launch in Switzerland, K3® technology has become a constant presence on the shelves of European retailers, used to differentiate some of the world’s most illustrious food and beverage brands. 
With the innovation of K3® technology, Greiner Packaging has become the recognized leader in the field of premier cardboard-plastic combination packaging.

K3-H Cup

What makes K3® so unique?

Convenience for starters. Thanks to its innovative, patented tear-open system, K3® delivers the ability to easily separate its plastic and cardboard components. Reduced plastics content contributes to lower CO2 emissions, while a high level of stability is guaranteed through the durable cardboard wrap. As often as possible, renewable resources are used and, whenever appropriate, biopolymers such as PLA are incorporated. The cardboard surface provides a pleasant feel to the touch as well as outstanding printing capabilities for a distinctive appearance and an unparalleled opportunity to promote recipes, competitions, high-quality marketing messages and more. Additional functions such as windows in the cardboard wrap or special isolation effects can also be implemented according to your individual specifications. 

You can trust the original 

K3® packaging solutions meet the highest demands on modern packaging communication. The term K3® is a registered trademark and is protected by numerous patent rights (Greiner Packaging owns approximately 200 single-property rights in the forms of patents, designs and trademarks). K3® has become synonymous with high-quality combined packaging in the rigid sector.

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