Назад | 03.04.2017

Trend: Urbanization / Convenience

Mankind is mobile like never before, having access to an ever-increasing range of information and being consequently faced with more and more options, both private and professional. As a result, everyone’s lives are becoming more and more diverse every day. But also more hectic, especially in cities where for the first time in history, more than half of the global population currently lives. Researchers have discovered that walking speed between 1994 and 2007 has accelerated by an average of 10% – so imagine what our pace must be like now in 2017?

The more hectic our everyday lives, the more in demand mealtimes are that are convenient and can be quickly consumed on the go. But in the process, taste must not be allowed to fall by the wayside, nor does the increasing number of health-conscious consumers want to dispense with balanced nutrition. More variety is in demand, for starters – in the range of foods as well as packaging solutions. As a packaging specialist, Greiner Packaging offers the optimal convenience solution for any need.

Long shelf life:

Anyone who is always on the go does not have time to go to the supermarket every day. Foods with long shelf lives are therefore becoming more and more in demand. The barrier solutions of Greiner Packaging reduce the migration between filling and packaging or external influences. Spreads or pickles, for example, keep for long periods as a result, completely without adding any preservatives. This is not just practical and healthy, but also sustainable. The same goes for the cardboard-plastic combinations from Greiner Packaging, which are popular packaging solutions for cereals. The cereals stay fresh and crunchy in the PP cups, providing a tasty breakfast on the go when mixed with milk directly in the cup.

Heat resistance:

Food on the go is practical but that shouldn’t mean it has to be eaten cold. Heat-resistant packaging solutions are in demand when it comes to enjoying soups, sausages, or potato snacks while hot. Here as well, K3®, in combination with barrier solutions, offers the perfect packaging alternative. Thus, for example, the material combination of PP/EVOH provides a barrier effect that protects the product; thick-walled cups can be heated (with the cardboard wrap removed) directly in the microwave. If hot water is poured into the cup, the cardboard wrap reduces the contact heat of the product, allowing the cup to be handled without any problem. 

Space for different ingredients:

An authentic taste experience unfolds when ingredients of the most varied flavors and the most diverse textures come together. There are good reasons why creamy yogurt and crisp muesli, for example, are a popular combination. Consumers naturally do not wish to forgo such kinds of taste sensations, even if they are in a hurry. The keyword here is “Mix & Match”. Greiner Packaging chamber solutions, consisting of a main chamber and one or two additional chambers, which can be placed on the cup or fold out, are the ideal solution for fulfilling these requirements. The widest range of ingredients, packaged separately, yet resulting in a handy unit that is easy to transport. They create a longing for the first bite, even at the point-of-sale, thanks to their eye-catching decoration, such as a cardboard wrap.

Practical extras:

Many products can be enjoyed only with the aid of cutlery. Since people seldom carry around knives, forks or spoons, cutlery integrated into the packaging presents an innovative convenience solution. In order to enjoy the meal in a carefree manner up to the last bite, Greiner Packaging has developed sliding forks and sliding spoons of varying lengths. Whether yogurt, ice cream, soup or salad, the sliding cutlery placed directly in the cup lid facilitates consumption even on the go.