Greiner Packaging takes sustainability seriously, and is a proud founding member of the UK Plastics Pact


The objective of the UK Plastics Pact, which was presented yesterday in London, is to keep plastic away from nature, and to keep it in the economy as...

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Innovation Day 2018 - Interview with Eef de Ferrante


The sixth annual Innovation Day of Greiner Packaging was held in 2018 The record number of over 180 guests was due in no small part to the...

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Greiner Turns 150


In 2018, Greiner is celebrating its 150th anniversary as a family business. The past 150 years have been shaped by entrepreneurial spirit, creative...

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That was Innovation Day 2018



Innovation Day 2018 is now in the books: Interesting talks on the hot topics of the sector; an exciting, high-profile panel discussion; tasty food;...

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K3®-F: комбинированная упаковка из картона и пластика завоевывает новые рынки


Комбинированная упаковка из картона и пластика K3® от  Greiner Packaging уже давно пользуется большой популярностью, независимо от того, используется...

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Отличный дуэт: упаковка Грайнер Пэкэджинг и инновационные моющие средства Хенкель


Благодаря уникальной технологии двухкамерного разделения средство  для стирки  в капсулах Duo-Caps и Power-Mix Caps от Henkel сочетает в себе...

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Премиум-упаковка для премиум-кетчупа


The unique Kavoblow plastic barrier with multibarrier technology (MBT) that Greiner Packaging has introduced on the market in Poland for the German...

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