Back | 10/16/2014

New Milk Bottle with grip and zip

Elegant, functional dairy packaging made of HDPE is just one example of a successful innovation process

Greiner Packaging has created an ergonomic milk bottle for the Romanian dairy Albalact that is unique in the Romanian market.  The bottle, made from HDPE plastic, is produced in three sizes (500, 1,000 and 1,800 mL) in an extrusion blow molding process.  

Kremsmünster, October, 2014. – ”Albalact’s new milk bottle is an excellent example of our innovative strength,” says Günter Ausserwöger, Head of Division Kavo at Greiner Packaging International. ”We collaborated closely with Albalact to develop a bottle that’s very easy for consumers to grip. The integrated handle in particular requires the utmost precision in the production process, which involves using new blow molding equipment especially acquired for this purpose.  But thanks to years of experience as a packaging producer, we were able to meet the challenge to our customer’s complete satisfaction,” Ausserwöger is happy to note. 

Exceeding expectations
Cristina Miclea, Marketing Director at Albalact, confirms that the commitment was well worth it.  ”The result has exceeded all expectations. Our customers are delighted with the new packaging solution.” The special advantage of the bottle is obvious in daily use:  It fits perfectly in the hand, making it easy to pour.  Its well thought-out dimensions also fit perfectly in refrigerator doors and kitchen cabinets.

Wide field of application
Albalact fills the new grip-equipped milk bottles with a wide range of Zuzu brand products:  pasteurized whole and skim milk (500 and 1,800 mL), yogurt drinks (500 and 1,000 mL), sour milk (500 and 1,000 mL), buttermilk (500 and 1,000 mL) and Kefir (500 mL). The Zuzu brand was introduced in 2006.  It was positioned by Albalact in the dairy product market as a Romanian quality label that stands for values such as friendliness, originality, and optimism. 

Albalact: A Romanian dairy tradition
Albalact can look back on more than 40 years of tradition in the dairy industry.  The second largest supplier of dairy products in Romania, it is also the country’s largest primarily Romanian-owned dairy enterprise.  In 2013, Albalact generated sales of over 420 million RON (96 million Euros), expected to increase to 500 million RON in 2014 (over 100 million Euros).