Back | 05/21/2017

interpack revival

Interpack is THE trade fair for the food, drink, confectionary, bakery product, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, non-food, and industrial goods industries. After a 9-year break, there was cause to celebrate our interpack revival in Dusseldorf from May 4 - 10.

In keeping with our motto “Ask us,” we invited trade fair visitors to talk with us. Over 800 visitors from more than 20 countries worldwide took advantage of the invitation and consequently contributed to the huge success of our participation in interpack. A trade fair is the best opportunity to touch base with both current and potential customers. But it also serves as an important barometer for trends in the industry.

Many discussions have made it crystal clear to us that sustainability in its most varied aspects is the primary topic of the future. Both consumers and the industry are becoming ever more conscious of sustainable behavior, such as when it comes to food waste. Our barrier packaging therefore elicited huge interest at interpack. This packaging increases the oxygen barriers and protects the filling from external influences, thus giving it a longer shelf life. But alternative materials for packaging production were also in great demand, not least K3®, our cardboard-plastic solutions, which feature a reduced plastic content and the use of recycled cardboard. Nonetheless, we have not yet reached the finish line when it comes to sustainability. To ensure a better environmental balance for our packaging, we are investing heavily in research on biobased plastics and alternative packaging materials. At interpack, it was obvious that there is a clear demand for this in the market. We see it as our job to respond to this in the future with appropriate offerings.

But even the entertainment factor got some attention at our trade fair. A separate Virtual Reality Room gave booth visitors an insight into production at one of our sites. We took care of customers’ physical well-being with street food and cool refreshments.

We thank all visitors and the entire trade fair team for a successful interpack 2017.