Back | 04/21/2017

Creamy Vegetable Yogurt

Yogurt with vegetable flavor? What seems unimaginable to many people is already a reality in Turkey. Gourmet yogurt products in eggplant, red paprika, and tomato flavors have been on the market since March 2017 under the içim brand – part of the Lactalis Group – and provide variety in the fridge as healthy between-meal snacks for families and yogurt fans. It is not just the taste of the yogurt that is impressive, however; the cup packaging, designed by Greiner Packaging and created in close collaboration with the customer, is also eye-catching. The elaborately designed sleeve decoration whets the appetite for the individual flavors and emphasizes the gourmet appeal of the products. “Greiner Packaging took very good care of us during the entire development process. The design of the new cups stands out while the implementation is quite efficient,” explains the purchasing department of Lactalis.

Packaging Facts

  • Technology: Thermoforming
  • Decoration: Sleeve
  • Capacity: 250 g
  • Material: PP
  • Flavors: Eggplant, red paprika, tomato