Back | 09/25/2017

An (even better) handle on everything

Albalact / Milk
Milk bottles with an integrated handle have two considerable advantages: They are easy to hold and they make pouring particularly simple. Greiner Packaging is the only company that offers such plastic bottles in the Romanian market and has been supplying them for several years now to Albalact, the traditional dairy company. In close cooperation with Albalact, Greiner Packaging developed the packaging further, so as to cover logistical requirements even better. The material distribution between the bottle wall and plastic handle was optimized in an intensive series of tests. As a result, the bottle now demonstrates improved stability and can therefore be stacked better.

“Before, we could only stack three layers of the milk bottles on top of one another. The new structural conditions make four-layer stacking on pallets possible, thereby reducing our logistics costs by 33 percent”, says Irina Mandoiu, Deputy General Manager at Albalact, with pleasure.

Packaging facts:


  • Capacity: 2 L 
  • Material: HDPE
  • Technology: Extrusion blow molding
  • Flavors: 1.5 %, 3.5 % fat content