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A little more, please …?

Efko / Mayonnaise

Large packaging solutions are in demand, particularly among families and in the restaurant and catering industry. The latest joint venture of Greiner Packaging in Noginsk, Russia, with the Plastic System company has enabled it to bring an expert in large containers into its corporate network. This enterprise supplies items including the Efko brand in 1 liter to 10.7 liter tubs. Mayonnaise is offered in smaller containers for families, and in larger ones for hotels, restaurants, and catering companies. Consumers not only have a choice when it comes to cup sizes, because the mayonnaise also comes in a wide variety of flavors; its fat content also varies between 30 percent and 80 percent. While the smaller cup design is decorated using IML, offset printing is the decoration of choice for the 10.7 liter variation.

 “In Greiner Packaging, we have an important partner that reliably supplies us with the highest quality. The company strives to find a way even with urgent inquiries. We demand this flexibility from our suppliers and are happy to get it from Greiner Packaging”, says one from Efko's representatives.

Packaging facts:

  • Capacity: 1 l to 10.7 l
  • Material: PP
  • Technology: Injection molding
  • Decoration:
    • Small container: IML
    • large container: Print
    • Lid: IML
  • Flavors: savory, with olive oil, with lemon juice, etc.