Back | 03/17/2017

10 Years of DesPro

Greiner Packaging is the plastics expert. We know our technologies, materials, and optimal procedures for manufacturing high-quality plastic packaging. But that’s not all. Since 2006, we have also become known as design experts. With our Design & Prototyping department, established 10 years ago, we have been serving customers worldwide with extraordinary packaging that stands out from the crowd.

What started as a one-man show has developed over the years into a successful, international department. Countless packaging designs have already arisen from the creative genius of DesPro. They not only satisfy our customers, but also optimally service consumer requests. Because aside from their attractive visual appeal and haptics, the DesPro designs are also functional. DesPro gets ideas for their designs from market research as well as trend analyses. But it turns out that everyday life is almost an even more important source of ideas. DesPro sees inspiring shapes and colors where others see a house wall, a piece of furniture, or a car. And where others see impractical packaging, DesPro recognizes the potential for its next packaging highlight.

Anyone who commissions a design at DesPro profits from a wide range of ideas.  Of course, each of them is technically feasible, as well as financially attractive, which is very important. This is a definite advantage of our DesPro compared to design agencies. Whether as a scribble, a rendering, or a prototype, all DesPro ideas are presented in a visually appealing manner. Together with the customer, an agreement is eventually reached on the variation that can achieve maximum customer benefit. During the entire implementation phase, the customer can also count on project management with years of experience. Together with DesPro, they form an unbeatable team that can be counted on to continue to develop many great packaging ideas over the next few years.

Congratulations on a great 10 years, DesPro!