The Taste of Summer


As temperatures slowly begin to rise, ice cream parlors are opening their doors. But help is also available for those who have that sudden craving for...

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Traditional Icelandic product Skyr

Treats from the north


Skyr is a traditional Icelandic dairy product that has its roots in the time of the Vikings. Skyr is also among the staple foods in Iceland.

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Hirz - Yogurt drinks

Great drinking enjoyment


Yogurt drinks enjoy great popularity among young and old. Not only are they refreshing, they are also great for when you are a little peckish.

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Danone Dupplier of the year Award

Supplier of the Year


Greiner Packaging enjoys many long-term partnerships with its customers. They are based on loyalty, good communication, and of course, excellent...

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Volker Lange

The packaging of the future communicates


It used to be so simple – if you needed or wanted to purchase something, you had two options. One, go to the store – to the point of sale – from...

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Sobieski - Vodka

Great similarity: Plastic bottles score with many advantages over glass bottles


Effective immediately, the Polish Vodka brand Sobieski is now marketing its 1.75-liter premium product in plastic bottles from Greiner Packaging....

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Smart Packaging on Innovation Day 2016


How smart can packaging be? Very smart, as far as Karel Golta is concerned, and as he demonstrated on Innovation Day 2016 at Packworld. Anyone who...

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