Most Successful Fiscal Year In Greiner's History


The focus on profit-oriented growth, the grouping together of core competencies and the consistent pursuit of the globalization strategy have proven...

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A revolution for a classic: The first U-boat from a bottle


The German company U-BOOT GETRÄNKE is banking on a worldwide first in the spirits sector, with an innovative packaging concept from Greiner Packaging....

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A Healthy Snack in a New Look


Cottage Cheese: Triangular dual chamber packaging from Greiner Packaging for OSM Piątnica catches the eye of the Polish market.

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New DesPro Website is Online


We are pleased to announce that the brand-new DesPro Website is online now. The site provides information about the DesPro, its services as well as...

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Greater Efficiency and Flexibility for Less


Greiner Packaging is setting new standards in plastic packaging production with its innovative Kavoblow technology

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New Greiner Assistec Website is Online


We are pleased to introduce our new Greiner Assistec website. Here you can find information about the wide range of Greiner Assistec services – in...

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Function meets design


The Romanian company Sitemani is one of the country's largest manufacturers of brand-name ketchup, mustard, and sauces. Since December of 2014,...

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