Zpět | 07.02.2017

Treats from the north

Skyr is a traditional Icelandic dairy product that has its roots in the time of the Vikings. Skyr is also among the staple foods in Iceland.

Consumers appreciate the dairy product most of all for its high protein (approx. 11%) and low fat content (0.2-0.5%), its thick, creamy consistency, and not least, of course, for its flavor. But Skyr is also enjoyed globally by connoisseurs and nutrition conscious consumers. This also holds true for the US, where the Icelandic-American consortium Icelandic Provisions offers Skyr in seven different flavors. For its packaging partner, the company chose Greiner Packaging, and for its packaging, a thermoformed, sleeved cup in a striking parallelogram shape. “The packaging is ideally tailored to our product and is unique in the market due to the combination of shape and sleeve. We really like the fact that, aside from having the best taste, we also succeed through our packaging in clearly distinguishing ourselves from the competition,” says Einar Sigurðsson, Chairman of Icelandic Provisions.

Packaging facts

  • Capacity: 160 g
  • Material: PP
  • Technology: Thermoforming
  • Decoration: Sleeve
  • Flavors: Natural, vanilla, strawberry & cranberry, peach & cloudberry, blueberry & bilberry, coconut, raspberry