Zpět | 03.02.2017

The packaging of the future communicates

It used to be so simple – if you needed or wanted to purchase something, you had two options. One, go to the store – to the point of sale – from which, subject to availability limitations, you could take the selected product directly home. Option number two, use a catalog to order the product, and then have it delivered to your doorstep.

As Dr. Volker Lange of the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics explained at the 5th Greiner Packaging Innovation Day, things are different these days. Because today, the point of sale is everywhere. Our tablet brings it into our living room, our laptop into the office, and our smartphone into the streetcar. The virtual point of sale knows no boundaries. Products of unbelievable variety and goods that are permanently available on a huge scale are making the new point of sale the constant, faithful companion of every shopper. 

Once ordered, all that is needed is to get those great products in the hands of the customer - as quickly as possible and in one piece. Two things are responsible for ensuring this: logistics and packaging. On Innovation Day, we learned just how these two areas will merge in the future. The packaging of the future will not just be a carrier of information, but rather, will interconnect all areas of the logistics chain as well. Equipped with electronics, it will know exactly where it is located, or perhaps where it actually should be located, for example. Temperature and shock sensors can precisely track when, for example, a yogurt cup was damaged or when its cooling chain was not maintained. Such types of information, however, are not passive at all, and are waiting to be retrieved. As part of the entire logistics chain, the intelligent packaging of tomorrow communicates this data automatically and can thus control the entire logistics chain - as an active communicator.

Greiner Packaging is excited about what the future will bring and is looking forward to moving ahead on this road together with its customers.