Zpět | 05.02.2017

Supplier of the Year

Greiner Packaging enjoys many long-term partnerships with its customers. They are based on loyalty, good communication, and of course, excellent quality.

For us, of course, this is all just part of our “daily business”. Still, it is nice to be given an award explicitly for it. We were greatly pleased, therefore, when our site in Russia accepted the "best supplier of the year" award from Danone. This was awarded for the first time in Moscow in late 2016. Only long-term partners who had contributed to Danone’s successful development were nominated and evaluated, using a point system in various categories. Fulfillment of quality standards, cost optimizations, workplace safety, innovations, sustainability, and price/performance ratio were assessed, among others. Greiner Packaging is proud of this award and looks forward to further successful collaboration with Danone.