Zpět | 12.11.2014

Incredible Innovation: “All-in-One Concept”

Greiner Packaging is awarded the "Special Price for Innovation" as part of the 2014 Smart Packaging Austrian state prize.

Greiner Packaging developed the bottle with snap-in container as a packaging solution for the needs of people who wear contact lenses. The packaging combines convenience, design, and functionality at the highest level.  On November 11, 2014, the company was awarded the “Special Prize for Innovation” as part of the 2014 Smart Packaging state prize. Four other innovations of Greiner Packaging were awarded similar honors.

Kremsmünster, Vienna,  November 12, 2014. –  It was with great enthusiasm that
Robert Obermayr (Head of Innovation, Greiner Packaging International) and Stefan Ebli (Head of Design & Prototyping, Greiner Packaging Austria) accepted the state prize from Mag. Harald Kaszanits (Secretary General, Federal Ministry of Science, Research, and Economy) and DI Christian Holzer (head of department, Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management) at the Vienna House of Science: “This award once more underscores the main strength of our company: Innovation. “

Space-saving, practical, distinctive
Greiner Packaging faced many different challenges in developing the bottle with snap-in container.  Creating a perceptible advantage for consumers was one such challenge. This was accomplished through a new type of snap-in function at the bottom of the bottle, which allows the contact lens container to simply snap in.  It is practical and space-saving at the same time – ideal for everyday use or travel.  As in all of its packaging developments, Greiner Packaging set high standards for the design.  With its distinctive shape, the bottle with snap-in container catches the consumer’s attention, thereby contributing to a lift in sales.  Of course, the packaging solution also fulfills all the important criteria, such as product safety, impermeability, and resealability. 

Technical know-how at the highest level
"The stability of the snap-in function presented a special technological challenge," Obermayr explains.  "The recess in the bottom of the bottle had to be designed such that it was easy to repeatedly snap the contact lens container in and out.  At Greiner Packaging, we have the necessary know-how to face such types of mechanical and technical challenges while ensuring the best possible design for the recess."

Awards for four other packaging solutions
Aside from the award for the “All-in-One Concept”, Greiner Packaging received four other prizes for exemplary packaging solutions as part of the 2014 Smart Packaging state prize. 

  • “Ergospray” – an ergonomic, round trigger spray bottle with a uniquely recognizable design;

  • “Less-Plass” – a high-quality cardboard-plastic packaging for crayons of different sizes;

  •  “Modular Pack” – a cardboard-plastic combination that facilitates modular size alterations of the packaging by changing the carton unit;

  • “TipTop” – a spray bottle with integrated cleaning equipment (sponge, cloth, etc.).

Corporate Data
Greiner Packaging International is one of the leading companies in the European packaging industry. The company registered annual sales of Euro 513 million in 2013 (including joint ventures). This represents more than a third of the total sales of the Greiner Group. Greiner Packaging International employs 3426 employees at 34 locations.

The “All-in-One” concept of Greiner Packaging International, which won the 2014 special award for innovation, offers perceptible advantages for clients. Photo: Greiner Packaging International