Zpět | 15.05.2014

Haidlmair acquires remainder of Mould & Matic Solutions from Greiner Packaging

MMS – the machine tool manufacturer and automation specialist from Micheldorf – is gaining an edge in international market development.

Haidlmair GmbH is acquiring an additional 50% share in Mould & Matic Solutions GmbH from Greiner Packaging International GmbH. This will make it the sole owner of the company. The transaction will create good prospects for Mould & Matic Solutions GmbH's growth-oriented development.  The parties agreed not to disclose any information on the purchase price.

Kremsmuenster / Micheldorf / Nussbach (Austria) May, 2014 – Mould & Matic Solutions GmbH is headquartered in the upper Austrian community of Micheldorf. The company has also operated out of a location in Slusovice, Czech Republic, since 1995.  Mould & Matic's core competencies include the manufacture of machine tools and automation solutions for the packaging industry. Its broad expertise in the technologies of thermoforming, injection molding, and blow molding is highly prized by its clients.

Good starting point for further corporate development
"Mould & Matic's area of activity is not part of the core business of Greiner Packaging. On the other hand, it does match Haidlmair's, the packaging industry machine tool specialist. This new ownership position represents a very good starting point for Mould & Matic’s further corporate development," says Willi Eibner, CEO of Greiner Packaging International, about the background of the transaction.

Synergistic effects within the Haidlmair group
Mario Haidlmair, CEO of Haidlmair GmbH, adds this:  "We see this as a great chance to take full ownership of this fabulous and successful company. We have experienced very good collaboration with Greiner Packaging International in the last few years. However, Mould & Matic's clients very often also included Greiner Packaging International's competitors. This made the 50-50 share a disadvantage at times for Mould & Matic. Being the sole owner gives us even better opportunities for expansion in the future." In addition, the conditions are now in place for optimal integration into the Haidlmair group. There's great potential for synergy here, says the chief executive of this family-owned company, and he adds: "We stand behind the current staff and are convinced that they will continue to deliver outstanding work in the future."