Zpět | 25.06.2017

Enjoying exotic taste

Nuts, spices, or fresh fruits added to ice cream are among the absolute classic desserts in India.  Kulfi is the name of the traditional variation where the aromatic milk-sugar mixture is cooked. But unlike in conventional ice cream production in Europe, the frozen delight is not stirred when freezing, giving it a particularly thick and creamy consistency.

The exotic Indian flavor combinations enjoy great popularity even in the US. With its many ice cream and kulfi variations, MMM’s Gourmet Ice Cream is among the pioneers in the industry in the Chicago area. The individual flavors are available in a range of sizes their practical 75 mL to-go packaging is produced by Greiner Packaging. Even at first glance, it is easy to see from the cone-shaped cup that this is not your usual ice cream.  It is the typical shape for Indian kulfis and sets it apart in the frozen section of stores. once the cup and lid, likewise produced by Greiner Packaging, are removed, consumers can enjoy the ice cream just like a lollipop.

The cup and lid are produced at the Indian location of Greiner Packaging, after which they are transported to the US where they are filled and sold. “In Greiner Packaging, we’ve found a partner that feels at home in India as well as in America. “Having the experience and the right feel for both markets is very important to us, since we certainly would like to familiarize the US population with a taste of India,” says Hatim Dossaji, founder and managing director of MMM’s Gourmet Ice Cream.

Packaging facts

  • Technology: Thermoforming
  • Decoration: Dry offset printing
  • Capacity: 75 mL
  • Material: PS
  • Flavors: Mango Kulfi, Pista Kulfi (Pistachio), Mawa Malai Kulfi (butter cream), Chickoo (Sapodilla) Kulfi
  • Lid:
    • Technology: Vacuum forming
    • Material: PS