Zpět | 25.03.2015

A Healthy Snack in a New Look

Cottage Cheese: Triangular dual chamber packaging from Greiner Packaging for OSM Piątnica catches the eye of the Polish market.

Kremsmünster, March 2015. With its high-quality milk products, OSM Piątnica is one of the largest dairy industries in Poland. Its main product, cottage cheese, has also introduced the company to a wider audience throughout Europe. In collaboration with Greiner Packaging, OSM Piątnica has developed a new packaging concept for its healthy, protein-loaded snack: a sleeved cup with two chambers, one for the cottage cheese and the other for honey or fruits. Together, the chambers give the package a triangular shape, making it unmistakable at point-of-sale and clearly setting it apart from the competition. “To survive in a highly competitive market, you have to always have the courage to question, and if necessary, to change existing practices. That's why we decided to assist OSM Piątnica in updating the appearance of its existing cottage cheese to offer consumers additional benefits. The new, dual chamber packaging is not just visually attractive, but practical as well,” explains Kenneth Boldog, Head of Division K.

Years of Collaboration
OSM Piątnica has been collaborating for years with its partner, Greiner Packaging. Together, they have repeatedly developed packaging in the past featuring an unmatched variety of decoration variations. Aside from the high quality of its products, Greiner Packaging places particular value on offering additional benefits to its customers -- this includes adapting originally traditional products for different markets and target groups. And that's exactly the  demand it is meeting today with this new cottage cheese packaging.

Facts & Figures

  • Technology: Thermoforming
  • Decoration: Sleeve
  • Capacity: 150g
  • Material: PS

Unmistakable at point-of-sale: the innovative, dual chamber packaging from Greiner Packaging for Cottage Cheese from OSM Piątnica.