Small Consumers, Big Demands


Emsa / drink bottle

The buying decision is being influenced more and more by where and under what conditions products are produced. Quality and...

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Rethinking packaging design


Creative packaging design is becoming increasingly important as shoppers turn to digital methods to make purchases. With this dramatic shift (online...

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A little more, please …?


Efko / Mayonnaise

Large packaging solutions are in demand, particularly among families and in the restaurant and catering industry. The latest joint...

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Like clockwork


Genol GmbH & Co KG / motor oil

Good packaging promises optimal protection for a product. Better packaging can do more… it shines through...

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Oil canister: Optimal packaging for the entire supply chain


For the Austrian company Genol GmbH & Co KG, Greiner Packaging developed oil packs in two sizes. They distinguish themselves through excellent design...

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Jumping into the autumn trade fair season

Jumping into the autumn trade fair season: Greiner Packaging presents innovations in Frankfurt and Istanbul


In October 2017, Greiner Packaging will present at two international trade fairs: While the focus at the CPhl from October 24 to 26 will be on...

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An (even better) handle on everything

Vše (ještě pevněji) v ruce


Láhve na mléko s integrovaným uchem mají dvě zásadní výhody: dobře padnou do ruky a umožňují zvlášť snadné vylévání. Greiner Packaging je jediným...

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