Greiner Packaging presents itself at FachPack as a total solution provider


FachPack in Nuremberg (September 29 - October 1, 2015) is among the most important European trade fairs for the packaging industry. At the fair,...

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Swiss Packaging Award: Greiner Packaging's innovative packaging technology receives prestigious Swiss packaging award


Greiner Packaging has every right to be pleased with its win of the Swiss Packaging Award 2015, the prize for the most innovative packaging. The...

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Easy to handle, twice the benefit: Greiner Packaging puts its expertise to the test with the Husqvarna Combi can


Making successful products even better – Greiner Packaging and Husqvarna have joined forces to meet the challenge. Greiner Packaging has put its...

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Greiner Packaging acquires majority interest in successful Turkish company


Turkey expansion: Greiner Packaging continues to expand its market position, making it the market leader in Rigid Plastic Packaging for dairy products...

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Most Successful Fiscal Year In Greiner's History


The focus on profit-oriented growth, the grouping together of core competencies and the consistent pursuit of the globalization strategy have proven...

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A revolution for a classic: The first U-boat from a bottle


The German company U-BOOT GETRÄNKE is banking on a worldwide first in the spirits sector, with an innovative packaging concept from Greiner Packaging....

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A Healthy Snack in a New Look


Cottage Cheese: Triangular dual chamber packaging from Greiner Packaging for OSM Piątnica catches the eye of the Polish market.

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